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WelfareIndia Trust works to create better opportunities for Health, Education, relief of poor,etc.. in India. We work to secure basic rights such as Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health, Education, Security. We follow a doorstep health model taking prevention to people where they live, learn and work.

We are working to get hundreds of companies in India to earn recognition as Healthy Workplaces, and help millions of Indians lead healthy lives.

WelfareIndia is an online crowdfunding platform that enables  to raise funds for Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health, Education, Security and other personal causes, with great ease. Founded in 2019 by a team of young and passionate entrepreneurs, WelfareIndia has pioneered the development of person to person giving in India.

What started as a platform to fund rural projects and micro entrepreneurs, is today widely utilized by Indians to raise funds from friends, family and a wider social network for Health, Education, relief of poor, needs, loved ones and charity. WelfareIndia is soon becoming the go-to platform for funding other critical emergencies.

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