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121/4,Ragavan St , Perambur, Chennai - 600011. (India)


My Name is Mr.Suresh Kumar. I am about 37 old and have worked in an IT company for quit sometime and have quit my job, Since I was suffering with kidney problem for more than 4 years and moreover I am a physically disabled person. When I was in hospitalized and I see a lot of people suffering lot for the need in day-to-day life for the treatment and daily life need. I was helping them with what I have but see more people suffering I also asked my friends for help them and my need was getting more, has a single man I cannot do more and also I was a patient, so then I started this trust after my recovery with few good people's who helped me out to help people who are in need for Food, Shelter, Clothes, Health & Education. The aim of the trust is to help as many people for good causes. Hope all will support us. Thank you for your time to know about me.

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